Quality Management

Quality Policy

We shall prioritize life, safety and compliance in accordance with management policy and we will provide the high reliable product and service which our customer can satisfy with.

Act Guidelines

  1. We shall aim the company that we can contribute in marine, social infrastructure and industrial field and then we'll create high-quality product and service.
  2. We shall build in quality at all production process with participation by all the members.
  3. We shall lead to fundamental improvement by promptly investigating essential factor when quality matter happened.
  4. Our priority is to obey compliance (laws and ordinances ,social criterion and ethic).We shall maintain and develop trusting relationship with our stakeholder.
  5. We will comply with the requirements of ISO9001 and ensure quality from the customer's point of view.
  6. We will establish quality management system for achieving all good products reliable and we shall continuously improve for effectiiveness of management system.

ISO9001 Certificate

[Image] ISO9001 Certificate

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