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High-voltage shaft driven generating system for ships

[Image] High-voltage shaft driven generating system

By using a transformerless direct online system to deliver electrical power through a direct high-voltage bus bar, we have improved the energy efficiency of the shaft driven generating system and reduced the space required.

Large-scale generators for ships

[Image] Large-scale generators for ships

In response to the recent increase in ship sizes, we made model changes to our large-scale generators for ships. Through structural analysis, we have been able to reduce the size and weight of these new generators in comparison to conventional generators.

Inverter-type electric vibration balancer for ships

[Image] Inverter-type electric vibration balancer

An electric vibration balancer is an apparatus that suppresses vibrations in a ship's hull by counteracting the vibrations caused by the engine. By adopting a new system that controls the number of engine revolutions with an inverter, we have been able to greatly reduce size and weight and also the amount of electricity consumed, in comparison to conventional models.

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