Electrical Products

Cutting-edge technology that is developed with an awareness for the global environment and energy conservation enables us to build a rich and comfortable lifestyle.
The stable supply of electrical energy could be considered the basis of social infrastructure.
To achieve this, we provide electrical machinery developed through high-level technology and rich knowledge, that is contributing to stable power supply and meeting needs in all kinds of areas, be it in office buildings, factories, hospitals or power plants.

Synchronous generators

  • Generator for gas turbine
  • Generator for diesel/gas engine
  • Generator for steam turbine
  • Generator for water turbine
  • Generator for water turbine

We provide power generators for use in various areas, including emergency use to protect civil life from power outages caused by earthquakes and other natural disasters, use in co-generation systems for environmental conservation and energy conservation, and use in providing backup power supply to important facilities such as hotels, hospitals, and computer centers that need to operate around the clock.
Our products can cater to almost all types of motors.

Relevant catalog
Personal power generators [PDF/5.95MB]


  • Digital power generator control board
  • Digital power generator control board
  • Environmentally conscious switchboard
  • Environmentally conscious switchboard (on ship)

We provide a variety of switchboard products, including generator control boards for controlling upgraded power generation systems, various types of related high and low-voltage switchboards and switchgears, as well as monitoring control boards and motor control products, etc. as components of total systems.

Control equipment

Detection devices for isolated operation

  • Detection devices for isolated operation

Detection devices for isolated operation are system linkage protection equipment used for power generators that are connected to commercial power supply systems and perform reverse power flow. With the system developed by Nishishiba (QC mode frequency system), there is little influence on the power system, and it is easy to incorporate into generator control boards, whether newly installed or pre-existing.

Relevant catalog
Detection devices for isolated operation [PDF/433KB]

Automatic Voltage Regulator

  • High-function AVR

The Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) is a piece of equipment essential for regulating power generator voltage. We provide products to match all power generation systems, such as our high-function, highly reliable digital control system, developed with Nishishiba know-how.

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