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Our company was founded in Himeji City, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan in 1942 as the Toshiba Aboshi Factory and began operations. After that passed down Toshiba's technology and manufacturing DNA, it was spun off as Nishishiba Electric in 1950.
Since Nishishiba Electric was founded, for 74 years we have been working in the both area of marine System and generating & industrial System, and through our many achievements we have provided our customers with products and services of the top quality.

In the field of marine electrical systems, our electrical products area is installed on many ships, such as container ships transporting goods from all over the world, LNG carriers that support energy demand, and marine research vessels used in undersea exploration, along with ferries, etc. In terms of CO2 reduction, by introducing new technologies such as a shaft drive power generation systems, etc., safe, efficient and comfortable navigation will be realized.
In the field of power generation and industrial systems, by helping to supply electrical energy—essential for life in cities and in isolated islands—from regular power facilities and emergency power facilities, we support both industry and people's livelihood.

From FY2024, our corporate concept became "JUST ENERGY to FUTURE." With our desire to be a "company that continues to support the future with the energy of electricity," this corporate slogan was decided by a vote of our employees. It is a concept and message that also contains the hopes of our employees for a bright future.

Our company, based on our basic policy of prioritizing life, safety, and compliance in the field of marine electrical systems and power generation/industrial systems, will continue to meet our customers' expectations at every stage of the life cycle of products and systems, including in design, manufacturing, installation, operation, maintenance services, and renewal.
In order to continue to be a company that supports the future with electricity, we provide solutions that satisfy our customers' needs, and together with our customers, we will contribute to the realization of a safe, secure, and sustainable society now and into the future.

We highly appreciate for your continued support.

Director,President and Chief Executive Officer

Hidenori Goto

[image]Hidenori Goto

The Essence of Toshiba

The Essence of Toshiba

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