Specialist technicians experienced in technologies such as Nishishiba's generators, motors and systems carry out inspection and maintenance operations based on manufacturer control standards, so that maintenance management is performed to a high level.

Based on our abundant technical ability and manufacturer design standards, our technicians carry out optimal maintenance with a full understanding of operational procedures and the component replacement cycle in periodic inspections.

For service parts or maintenance requests, please contact your nearby customer service counter.

Service Counter
Generating & Industrial System Division
Higashinihon After-sales Service Department
(Tokyo Branch)
TEL +81-44-542-2415
FAX +81-44-542-2405
Generating & Industrial System Division
Nishinihon After-sales Service Department
(Osaka Branch)
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Marine System Division
After-sales Service Department
(Osaka Branch)
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Services Related to Generating and Industrial System

Maintenance and Inspections

Electrical equipment with advanced control functions for labor-saving and energy-saving, etc., comprise numerous devices and components that utilize cutting-edge technology. To achieve efficient operation of such equipment, it is necessary to thoroughly implement periodic inspections and take the measures required for preservation of the equipment, according to the conditions of use and the environment.

[Image] Periodic inspections
Generator panel inspections

[Image] Strategies for extending the operating life of equipment
Insulation diagnostics


We take measures to prevent equipment malfunction through daily inspections and periodic inspections, but if a malfunction does happen to occur, or if an unexpected breakdown is caused by a natural disaster (such as lightning strike or flooding), we will implement a prompt response using our service network to restore operation.

[Image] Generator panel (example of replacement of component taken back from the factory)
Generator panel (example of replacement of component taken back from the factory)

Product line

  • Power generating systems
  • Emergency generating systems
  • Co-generating systems
  • Package-type emergency generating systems
  • Rotary Frequency Converter
  • Power compressors
  • Power reception/distribution equipment

Services Related to Marine Electrical Systems

Sale of repair equipment/materials

Through long-term use, machinery will eventually reach its service life limit, and, unavoidably, the entire system will eventually become outdated. In regard to this, we propose the best solutions, from partial replacement of devices to complete system renewals, based on a thorough understanding of the customer's wishes and many years of experience and know-how.

Components and system devices for marine vessels

  • Marine brushless A.C. generator
  • Marine brushless A.C. motor
  • Fans, auxiliary blowers
  • Shaft driven generating system
  • Inverter driven systems
    (electric driven winches, L/D comp., cargo oil pump and CSW pump systems, etc.)
  • Electric propulsion systems
  • Gantry crane systems
  • Electric vibration balancers

[Image] Generators

[Image] Inverter control panels
Inverter control panels

[Image] 3,500kW shaft driven generating systems for container ships
3,500kW shaft driven generating systems for container ships

Maintenance and Inspections

In order to maintain the integrity of ship equipment and prevent malfunction, meticulous maintenance and inspections are necessary. Our proposes appropriate programs for maintenance inspections, based on skills and experience acquired over many years, and also sends experienced technicians to countries throughout the world to provide support for the stable operation of ship equipment.

Maintenance Plan Flow (Preventive Maintenance)

General inspections on the vessel

Formulation of a recommended maintenance strategy based on results of the general inspections

Submission of an estimate for recommended maintenance

Discussion of maintenance specifications based on estimate

Performance of repairs, maintenance, and component replacements


We carry out repairs for equipment that has broken down and become inoperable. Using our service network, we are able to perform repairs not only within Japan, but also at service centers around the world.

Global Network
Europe 4 locations (Belgium, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden)
The Americas 4 locations (1 in the US, 2 in Brazil, 1 in Argentina)
Asia 9 locations (3 in Australia, 2 in South Korea, 1 each in Hong Kong, Taiwan, New Zealand, and Singapore)
Middle East 1 location (United Arab Emirates)
Africa 1 location (Republic of South Africa)
  • * When making an inquiry, please provide the name and number of the vessel, the name of the shipyard where the vessel was built, and the name and serial number of the relevant machinery.

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