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Points to consider before making inquiries

  • We will use the information that you input for our response and provision of information.
  • Your personal information may be used by Nishishiba Group companies and contractors within the scope of the intended purposes.
  • You may request the presentation, correction, or deletion of your personal information.
  • Please see the page describing Nishishiba's Privacy Policy in regard to the handling of customer information.
  • Customers under the age of 16 must first obtain permission from their guardians before making inquiries.

Inquiries about our products, services and technologies

Please read “Points to consider before making inquiries” and access the inquiry sheet or contact our branches or offices nearest you via phone.

To contact our branches or offices nearest you

  • Check the nearest branches or offices from the Access Map to make your inquiry about our products and technologies.
  • Product catalog is available on PDF format.
  • For services and purchase of parts, please contact our after-sales service representative.

To contact us via email (Global Business Development Division)

To contact us via the inquiry sheet

To access an inquiry sheet.

  • Personal data received from customers are encrypted and protected by SSL.
    You might not be able to use the inquiry form if your browser does not support SSL or if you access this website from a corporate network protected by a firewall.
  • The inquiry form utilizes the inquiry response system of the website managed by Toshiba Corporation and Toshiba Business & Life Service Corporation.



+81-79-271-2381 (Global Business Development Division)




1000 Hamada, Aboshi-ku, Himeji 671-1280, Japan

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