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In 1942, we started the operation as the Aboshi works of Tokyo Shibaura Co., Ltd. (now Toshiba Corporation) in Himeji, Hyogo Prefecture, and became independent from Toshiba in February 1950 to establish Nishishiba Electric Co. Ltd., inheriting the DNA of Toshiba's technologies and Monozukuri capability. Since its foundation, Nishishiba Electric Co., Ltd. has been providing top quality products and services of the various power generation, industrial, and marine electrical systems to the customers for over 70 years.

Our marine electrical systems are widely used in container vessels that carry goods around the world, LNG carriers that support energy security, research vessels designed to carry out research at sea, ferryboats and other types of ships. By introducing new technologies such as shaft-driven generating systems that enable safe, efficient, and comfortable navigation, we contribute to CO2 reduction.
In addition, our power generation and industrial systems are utilized in the fields of continuous and emergency power generating systems provided for social infrastructures in urban areas, isolated islands, factories, data centers, and building complexes. Our technologies are also used for biomass and hydroelectric power generation, which support people's lives and industries.

As a member of the Toshiba Group, we will combine the strengths of the group to meet customers' expectations in sales, technology, production, and maintenance services.
Also, we will provide products and systems, such as power generators for BCP, remote monitoring and diagnostic systems, in the light of the recent frequent disasters.
Furthermore, we will proactively work on optimal solutions that are environmentally friendly and have high added value, such as electric propulsion vessel that plays the key role in reducing greenhouse gas (GHG).

For realizing a carbon neutral society, we continue to deliver solutions that meet the needs of customers in the social infrastructure sector, and contribute to the creation and development of a safe, secure and sustainable society together with our customers.
As "a company protecting our blue earth," Nishishiba is committed to leading the world as a global provider of land and marine energy solutions.
We would appreciate your continued patronage.

Director´╝îPresident and Chief Executive Officer

[image]Hidenori Goto

The Essence of Toshiba

The Essence of Toshiba

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