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Since its foundation in 1950, Nishishiba Electric Co., Ltd. has provided various power generation, industrial, and marine electrical systems for nearly 70 years, and our products and services have offered safety, security and convenience to customers and society.

In addition, Nishishiba's marine electrical systems, which enable safe and efficient navigation, are widely used in container vessels that carry goods around the world, LNG carriers that support energy security, and research vessels designed to carry out research at sea, ferryboats and other types of ships. Nishishiba's power generation and industrial systems, including those for social infrastructure in urban areas, isolated islands and factories, support people's lives and industries.

Based on the technological development capabilities of the Toshiba Group, Nishishiba offers unique and sophisticated skills and capabilities as well as a wealth of expertise accumulated over the years. All these resources allow us to provide systems, component products and services that are high in quality, functionality and efficiency. A new rotary machinery factory has been completed in 2015. This will help us address customers' needs for today's large vessels and meet the growing demand for large-scale rotary machinery due to the increase in distributed power supplies. Nishishiba also offers high value-added and environmentally-friendly solutions that best fit electric propulsion ships and other types of ships.

Nishishiba continues to deliver solutions that meet the needs of customers in the social infrastructure sector, and contribute to the realization and development of a safe, secure and sustainable society together with its customers. Nishishiba is committed to leading the world as a provider of land and marine energy solutions. We would appreciate your continued patronage.

Ichizo Kobayashi
Director´╝îPresident and Chief Executive Officer

Management Policies

  1. We shall provide excellent products on a basis of customer satisfaction, and shall meet our shareholders' expectations.
  2. We shall place importance on the global environment, and shall carry out company operations with ethical conduct and transparency.
  3. All company personnel shall contribute to society with an open mind and global sensitivity.

The Essence of Toshiba

The Essence of Toshiba

Medium-term Management Plan

Outline of Nishishiba Group's Medium-term Management Plan (2018 to 2022)


Drawing on advanced power generation and drive technologies, Nishishiba provides marine and land energy solutions to support infrastructures worldwide.

  • Produce highly competitive products through outstanding technology and skills
  • Satisfy market and customer needs by providing optimal total-energy systems

Nishishiba aims to become a global company to contribute in the fields of marine electrical systems and industrial non-utility power generators.

Basic Strategy

Provision of electrical power generating systems to handle energy system reforms
Provision of energy-efficient, environmentally friendly products, systems and services

Company-wide strategy
  • Developing highly value-added products and receiving orders
  • Expanding business in overseas markets
  • Expanding and enhancing the service business
Business strategy
■ Generating and industrial system business
  • Proposal operations for power supply security enhancement and BCP solutions
  • Expansion of orders for renewable energy power supply (small and medium-scale hydroelectric power generators and biomass power generators)
■ Marine electrical systems business
  • Expansion of orders and market creation through system product proposal operations
    (Shaft driven generating systems, electrical propulsion systems, electric winches and inverter applications)
  • Expanding sales for highly value-added products and enhancing product offerings
■ After-delivery service
  • Expansion of Generating systems maintenance business through promotion of preventive maintenance
  • Expansion of marine electrical equipment business through direct proposals to shipowners and ship-managing companies

Sales and ordinary profits

Number of sales

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Ordinary profits and ROS

[Graph] Ordinary profits and ROS

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