Quality Management

Product Quality Policy

In keeping with our management policy, we at Nishishiba shall respect all pertinent regulations and contracts and provide our customers with products and services that are highly trustworthy and safe.

Guidelines of Conduct

  1. We shall secure excellent technology and skill by the human resource development, and we shall create global No.1, high-quality products and servicies in an energy solution in a sea and a land.
  2. During all stages of production, all employees shall be held responsible for assuring product quality.
  3. If product quality issues occur, we shall conduct an investigation into the root causes and seek improvements.
  4. We shall give top priority to compliance(observance of statute, social norm, and ethics), and maintain the confidential relation with our stakeholder and perform activity to develop.
  5. Along with conforming to ISO9001, we shall put ourselves in our customer's place and ensure product quality.
  6. We shall establish a product quality management system with the aim of ensuring that all of our products are of superior quality, and we shall strive to continuously improve this system.

ISO9001 Certificate

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